Site Scrutiny – Scrutinizing In Style is a brand new blog dedicated to reviewing and sharing some of the coolest, most useful sites on the net. Some of his latest reviews include Preezo, Open Source Web Design, and Agatra.

SiteScrutiny is maintained by John Kolbert, the webmaster of which on an unrelated note, has a very nice looking design. As I provide you with a ton of crap in my reviews, John writes about the goods and discards the crap. His articles are to the point and contain insightful opinions, not to mention the design surrounding the content is easy on the eyes.

This blog is in it’s infancy, but it’s already looking good. Remember John, if you blog it, they will come. So SiteScrutiny, welcome to my Up and Coming section in my FeedReader.

One thought on “Site Scrutiny – Scrutinizing In Style

  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the review and kind words! It’s nice to get a little exposure once in a while. Keep up the great blog, you’ve converted me into a regular reader!

    Jonn Kolbert

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