Instructions Written By A Spammer

The guys over at TheGlobalGeekPodcast have posted an image of a document which supposedly instructs users on how to install a hard drive. Whoever wrote this document has a poor understanding of the English language and while reading it, I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much this manual reminding me of a piece of spam in my email inbox. Instead of saying, Install the hard drive, this document says to “Install the hard dish” That’s just a prelude of what to expect. Check out the full sized image to read the entire thing.

3 thoughts on “Instructions Written By A Spammer

  1. Jeff you would not be leeching that image from the GGP Flickr account would you? Naughty, Naughty, Naughty…

    One danger is that if I was wanting to be a complete bastard I could substitute that image for something less desirable. But because it is you I’ll allow you to do it… Just remember that not everyone sees it the same way and most ppl would get pissed off. I know you and you did post a link back, which I am really thankful for. So it is cool…

    Plus your a great supporter of the show :)

  2. OK np Jeff.

    There is the feature to blog and embed photos from Flickr. Not many bloggers do it because ultimately the owner of the image has control of it and can change or delete it – that stuffs your post. Always maintain control of your content and the same applies for images :)

    For the future:

    1: Log into Flickr (I presume you have an account). Go to the image that we posted there.
    2: Because you are logged on you are given the option to download the image, you can only download Flickr images logged on.
    3: Download the image
    4: Once you have the image you can host it yourself or post it to your own Flickr account and link to it.
    5: In this instance we don’t own the image so you have no copyright to worry about but other instances this might be different. Some of the images that I use we have got permission to use – be careful with those as you don’t have it and need to get it. But I try to always credit where I can anyway.

    Same applies for any image that is hosted on another site – always download it and host it yourself.

    Seriously though I don’t mind, I could just see what could happen and I wanted you to see the implications.

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