Project Creative Sends Out First Newsletter

Project Creative Logo

I received the first news letter from Project Creative today. The newsletter contained information about a LIVE, interactive podcast which was produced last week. To listen to the show click this link. Project Creative hopes to continue producing these sorts of podcasts via Talkshoe on a monthly basis. This gives users the opportunity to ask questions regarding the site. The podcast producers are actually the owners of the site and although I have yet to listen to their first show, I have to wonder what kind of questions were asked and which ones were answered considering project creative is not even in its invite-only stage.

Their full newsletter which is in PDF format does offer some more details about their service. Project Creative will have something to do with iLife Portal. PC has also chosen the open-source CMS Pligg to act as their content manager. I speculate that there will be some sort of main page where users will be able to vote things up or down, considering Pligg is the open source version of Digg.

If you want to read the newsletter for yourself, click the following link. Make sure you have a PDF reader installed such as Acrobat or my personal favorite FoxIT.

2 thoughts on “Project Creative Sends Out First Newsletter

  1. Hey Jeffro,
    Sorry, I saw this post about a week ago, and never got around to commenting.

    Thanks so much for covering Project Creative!

    Here are a few notes: We’re reconsidering ‘pligg’ due to the lack of modules, themes, mods, and community support it has. We need a system where more people use the system, create great mods for it, and is easy (easier!) to develop mods for. I am personally considering a “hacked Drupal”. Also, we’ll be publishing a new public website soon at, but probably next week, since myself, and the Project Manager – Daniel are going to be on vacation this upcoming week.

    We also have 2 new members of the Project Creative team! definetheline, also known as Michael Mistretta is now part of our team, and Leo Mancini is also part of our team. As for official details on Project Creative, next week we hope to get a podcast out, and a newsletter out, and a new public site. Stay tuned!


    P.S. I probably shouldn’t have released some of that info :P

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