My Rant Against Defining Web 3.0

Apparently, web 2.0 won’t be around for as long as 1.0. During a conference held at the Red Herring East building in Boston, panelists gathered around to discuss Web 3.0. According to the panelists, web 3.0 would be a period where users generate content for fervor, not for cash.

The economic structure of Web 3.0 will rely on advertising, said Michael Jones, chief executive of Userplane, a provider of communications software for online communities that was acquired by AOL in 2006. But unlike the scattershot approach of much of today’s online advertising, users will be served Web. 3.0 messages tailored to their interests and location.

“Advertising money is shifting to the Web because of targeting and direct response,” Mr. Davis said. “In the next couple of years you’ll see a big shift.”

Who are these guys to say what web 3.0 will be? Sure, their is the O’Reilly web 2.0 definition which everyone seems to cite as the premiere definition but quite honestly, most people have come up with their own interpretation as to what web 2.0 represents. It’s ok to look into the future, but please don’t define what Web 3.0 will be. For Pete’s sake, let web 2.0 sink in before you begin to mention web 3.0.

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One thought on “My Rant Against Defining Web 3.0

  1. I think those people are going way off the real subject, I don’t think that Web 3.0 will have nothing to do with making money or not, of course whoever comes out with services may find a way of monetizing the venture, but I think web 3.0 will be a better or smarter Web 2.0…

    We may start seeing some of those things already happening with the launch of new search engine companies trying to make target different type of search markets and take it to the next level, a intelligent level of searching for video, audio, data (symantic web or Web 3.0 for some people), documents, and more…

    Actually symantic web is for a lot of folks the real Web 3.0. Symantic web will make computers smart enough to find data without the help of any human. But, keeping what we learn from Web 2.0 which is social interaction, content creation, sharing capabilities, and the popular Tagging.

    Web 2.0 will not die… it will always be part of the future…

    Luis Galarza
    Free Internet Marketing Training Blog

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