Gistr Aims To Help You Get The “Gist”

A new website has emerged that promises to help users get the “Gist” of interesting papers. Gistr allows users to share their own “GIST” to a particular paper. One paper can have as many “GISTS” as the reader thinks is appropriate while also allowing the “GIST” to be tagged.

The design of Gistr is quite frankly, non existent, however, Gistr will be adding features in the future that will enable users to save off gists and perhaps will enable bibliographies to be created based on those groups of gists. By using similar tags, researchers should have an easier time not only sharing gists, but locating each other across the network.

Sounds like a neat idea to me. I suggest the creators of Gistr use a number of those Web 2.0 generators which can be found at the bottom of this site and apply some of those effects onto Gistr or else no one is going to take them seriously!

2 thoughts on “Gistr Aims To Help You Get The “Gist”

  1. Thanks for looking at gistr. You are right there is no design so far. We built gistr in about 6 hours to get started on the idea. We’ll be adding more to it over the next few weeks including some decent design.

  2. Hey Justin, thanks for stopping by. I suppose I discovered you guys too soon! I think your Gistr idea is a pretty good one and with a nice looking design along with some social networking aspects added onto the site, I think this could be a big hit with universities and researchers.

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