Amung.Us Crew Rolls Out Updates logo

The crew who brought you the free real-time concurrent user stats widget who’ has unveiled a brand new service called

For the graphs by year and by month we use averaged data from the hours and days to give you a better idea of how your site is doing. By day and by hour are the actual real time data points so you can see exactly what is happening. – team

This new graphing widget allows website owners to conveniently check how many concurrent people were on their site in the past, down to the hour. The graph features four different views: by year, by month, by day, and by hour This is an example of what the graph looks like while embedded into a web page.

Click to see full version by

The graphs are also search able either via text or by clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a date. Here is an example of a graph containing data that you can search

Who's amung us widget colorwheelAside from the new graphing service, the team has published a brand new color wheel which finally allows web masters to change the color of the who’ widget so that it can blend into your design. This was always a problem with the old widget as it was sometimes difficult to blend into a website design.

Last but not least, the website has been redesigned so that each widget’s individual webpage is linked to every other webpage. Excellent choice on their part as this allows browsers to seamlessly travel between one widget page to the other.

One thought on “Amung.Us Crew Rolls Out Updates

  1. I love using Whos.Amung.US, its a very simple stats website, that does exactly what a lot of CMS’s already do, and then more. For example, Drupal will say 5 users online, but…

    1. It doesn’t say which pages people are on.
    2. It doesn’t have cool looking graphs.
    3. It doesn’t have cool looking maps.

    Also, I use on my Tumblr, so this is like that drupal module, with a bunch of extra VERY cool features. I can’t wait to see what they add next!

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