New Fan Of Tumblr

After listening to the Net@Nite podcast with Leo Laporte where Leo interviews the founders of Jaiku and Tumblr, I have decided to take the plunge and give the Tumblr service a try. I must say that I am very impressed with how easy it is to publish content. Using the bookmarklet feature that you can use directly from FireFox, you can add content that you discover on the net straight to your Tumblr site to share with the rest of the world. The bookmarklet does an excellent job in creating the link to the source of the content allowing you to just copy the content, and add it to your Tumblr blog. The bookmarklet seamlessly does the rest.

Using Tumblr is also fun. They have a really cool feature which I feel could benefit from called Reblogging. ReBlogging let’s you quickly share content you discover on other tumblelogs, and even add or change the commentary. Imagine coming across a cool post on someones Efx2 blog such as one of those meme types of posts. You could simply click a Reblog link for that post and it would automatically put the same post into your blog, allowing you to change the content of the post and publish it on your own blog.

One of the downsides to Tumblr right now is the ability to discover other Tumblelogs. There is no central repository of Tumblrs nor are their any ways to browse amongst the active Tumblr blogs. However, it does appear as though they will be addressing this issue sometime in the near future.

“More ways to find friends – It seems like a no-brainer to show friends of your friends, but we have some interesting tools for this that aren’t quite ready uncover. More ways to discover tumblelogs are right around the corner. “

The reason I love Tumblr is because I can quickly add content that would otherwise take me quite a bit of time to publish on my very own blog. I also listened very closely to Leo Laporte when he described the three different types of blogging going on across the web. Those are:

Micro Blogging: This is where Twitter and Jaiku come in handy. With just 140 characters to create a post, this is used to quickly share thoughts random ideas. Something short.

MidRange Blogging: This is where Tumblr excels as it allows you to easily share content you deem interesting on the web. There is no need to write an extensive post about the particular piece of content. Simply post and move on.

Thoughtful Blogging: This is your typical blog which includes thoughtful and insightful posts. These are posts that require 15 minutes to a half hour to create and then publish. Thoughts, experiences, and the like are well suited for this type of blogging.

Taking each type of blogging in mind, I have decided to use Tumblr to post funny videos, pictures, and other stuff I happen to come across on the web. I will use Twitter or Jaiku for my random quick thoughts, and I will use this Efx2 blog to post experiences, opinions, and other information I deem blog worthy.

By the way you can check out what I have so far on my Tumblelog by clicking this link

5 thoughts on “New Fan Of Tumblr

  1. Like it a lot – want to do tumblr – but – damned if i don’t already have a million internet sign ups, now i just need to look for things to integrate into my website. :)

    good luck – and make lots of monies :)

    we should play with ustream again someday!

  2. I love Tumblr. A few things I don’t like about it though.. No Plugins, not many themes, and reblogging. I HATE Reblogging. I think of it as stealing. I know under the dashboard it says “Chris reblogged Jeffro2pt0’s post” but it doesn’t show it on the actual post page. I think it should automatically add a link back to the original post. I sent an email to Tumblr regarding this, and never got a response. Also, I have a post on my Tumblr (that was reblogged, with a credit link) about reblogging. I really don’t like it.

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