What Is Your Blogging WorkSpace?

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One thing I find interesting is that every bloggers workspace is different. Each blogger has his or her own method to their madness. The color of the room they blog in, the room asthetics, room lighting all seem to play a major role in a bloggers workspace. Using Probloggers, workspace post as evidence, sometimes, a house doesn’t make for the best environment for blogging. The first user on Darren’s post uses a boat for their blogging HQ.

So, I ask those of you who blog, to please leave a comment on this blog post with a link to a photo that shows off your blogging headquarters. To start things off, I’ll show you my own Blogging HQ.

Click on the photos to see a larger version.

WorkSpace Without FlashWorkSpace With Flash

Reader Feedback Answered

Your Feedback, My Answers

Mark, an email subscriber, emailed me some feedback in regards to this site. He also asked me a question which I decided I would answer in the form of a blog post.

Hi Jeff,

I’m very much enjoying your blog. Very educational and “present”. I’m curious how you got into this game and if this is a full time gig for you. Continued success to you :)

Cheers, Mark.

Well, to tell you the truth Mark, I’ve been blogging since 2004 but only recently have I decided to take things a bit more seriously. I use to post on a blog located on the EFx2.com network which I somewhat consider to be the WordPress before there was WordPress. Back in 2004, I used the blog to share things that were going on in my personal life such as photographs, news and events, recent trips I took and various other musings. I essentially used the blog as a diary for a long time.

In late 2006 into 2007, I decided to concentrate on sharing my thoughts on general news items I was discovering across the web. I would merely post a quote of the article, include my thoughts and then provide a link to the article in question. This formula worked rather well as there always seem to be a few comments left on every post. This eventually bored me. In early 2007, I decided that somehow, someway, I was going to break away from the self serviced blogging platform and do things on my own. I just didn’t know exactly what my niche blog was going to be about.

Then, one night in Talkshoe, I was participating in a LIVE podcast when I met Pete Balasch JR, otherwise known across the net as xyour925job. We started discussing various topics during the show such as SEO, blogging, web2.0, ect. Pete told me that there were quite a number of people who still didn’t understand what Web 2.0 is. He suggested that I start a blog around the topic of Web2.0 to see where it would take me. Up until this point, I watched the Web 2.0 space from the sidelines, never really caring about what was coming out of the gate next. I had a general idea as to what Web2.0 was all about, so after sharing a few of my ideas with the crowd, I ended up choosing the domain Jeffro2pt0.com My actual name is Jeff, but I think Jeffro2pt0 just has a nice ring to it. I just hope web3.0 doesn’t arrive sooner than later, or else I’ll look really outdated.


I purchased everything I needed during the month of May. That included a domain, hosting, and a few other tidbits. I had a general idea as to what I wanted to accomplish with the site and the way I wanted it to look, but I had no idea on where to begin. WordPress was suggested to me numerous times and even Pete suggested that I use WordPress, so that’s what I did. Initially, I couldn’t for the life of me, figure out the templating system within WordPress. I gave up and decided to use Joomla, as I had a good amount of experience with the CMS. I quickly realized, Joomla was too much of what I needed. I ended up giving WordPress a second try and since then, I have never looked back.

The first post published on this site occurred on June 4th, 2007 New Fan Of Tumblr Since then, I have provided a number of reviews on different sites and services, offered tips on blogging, covered various news items and plan on doing even more. This particular site has been online now for only 3 months, yet I am achieving personal milestones that I didn’t think I would achieve until much further down the road.

Concerning the advertisements. My blog is relatively new and at this stage of the game, I am trying to establish a reader base, aka an audience. Once I feel I have accomplished this and after I do some research into the different methods of monetizing a site, I will begin to dabble with those different methods to try and turn blogging into my second job, which is one of my goals.

It’s nice to know that folks are actually reading what I write. Makes me feel like I’m not wasting my time. Other than turning the site into a second job, my other major goal is to create a community of like minded users around the site using forums and other methods. Once I accomplish these goals, I’ll be in blogger heaven.

Thus the short answer to your question Mark. This is a part time gig with full time possibilities.

Some Ideas I Had – Feedback Needed

Some Ideas I Had I just wanted to pass along some ideas I had concerning this site. Your feedback to these ideas or perhaps some of your own would be highly appreciated. The first idea is, creating a live chat area where visitors of this site can get together to chat about the various topics this site covers.

The chat room could be available 24/7 or I could schedule chats which would occur at a specific date and time. I was going to give this a try tonight using Meebo, but I experienced an enormous amount of problems.

The second idea is attaching a forum to the site. The forum would contain sections that would cover the various topics covered on this site. It would open up yet another, community avenue for this site where like minded individuals can get together and talk about what’s going on. I’m not sure if this site has enough traffic, or if the readers of this site would have any interest in becoming a participating member of the forum, so do me a favor and let me know if you like the idea.

If I decided to attach forum software to this site, I would us Vbulletin. Vbulletin is still the best forum software in my opinion and I have a few years of experience using it. I know of an Ajax powered shoutbox which could be used by the forum members as a chatroom, which would solve idea #1. The only problem with using Vbulletin is the price. It currently costs $85.00 for a lease of one year. I’d be willing to chip in $20.00 towards the price, would anyone else be willing to donate towards the forum? If so, let me know.

Those are the ideas I had floating around in my head and I figured I’d toss them out here to see if there were any takers.

CrazyBall – My Favorite Fair Game

I may run this blog, but I am human and occasionally I venture out into the sunlight to perform in social activities. I know it’s hard to believe but honestly, its true. Friday evening, the lady friend and I took a trip to Strongsville Ohio, to check out the Strongsville Home Days carnival. The fair occurs at the same time each year and is used primarily as a way to celebrate the cities history as well as it’s culture. Where I reside, there are a number of cities which have a similar festival, but its generally referred to as Home Days. The fair consists of rides, carny food, and my personal favorite, games.

This year, I discovered my favorite carnival game was back and this time, I was ready. My favorite game, Crazy Ball is addicting, just like gambling. The game board looks sort of like a wrestling ring but instead of using a mat in the middle, there is a game board which has 30 circular indentations. Each indentation is a specific gamepiece which is either a solid color or a striped color. There are 15 different colors/striped colors to bet on and each one appears twice on the game board.

Bets placed on the colors Pink and Orange Stripe

This particular game only costs a quarter to play but you can bet on as many colors as you want each round or you can place multiple bets on the same color. The game owner then hands a ball to one of the participants of the game which is usually a child. Once everyone has placed their bets, the ball thrower tosses the ball into the ring. The ball rolls around until it reaches a dead stop onto one of the indentations. Once the square that the ball landed on has been confirmed, the game owners go around the table to collect the bets as well as to see if anyone placed a bet on the winning color. Winners get to choose from any prize hanging from the top of tent.


After witnessing the way I played this game, my girlfriend has told me that she is going to make sure that I stay far away from casinos. I must of spent a total of $11-15 on this game, which adds up to a lot of quarters. Once I was on my last $5.00 bill, my girfriend picked the color orange, and we FINALLY ended up winning. She chose a stuffed animal and in the end was quite happy to not be spending any more money on the game. Last year, I spent so much money on this particular carny game and lossed so many times that the owner finally told me to pick a prize as I bascially spent more than enough money over what the damn prizes cost.

At any rate, I just wanted to share this experience with you. I know this blog generally centers around topics dealing with the web, and web 2.0 and all of that jazz, but I’m a real person doing real things. With that being said, I wanted to know if anyone else has seen a game like this pop up at their local carnival?

Pardon My Dust

Blog Construction
I have spent the past 24 hours redesigning this site. I wasn’t too happy with the top half of the site as well as the sidebar. I also wanted to change the sites appearance as I am going to start blogging about more subjects rather than strictly adhering to Web 2.0. As I become more involved in the blogosphere, I am generating new opinions and knowledge that I want to share. I also wanted to give the blog a personal look and apply a personal feel.

It was a painstakingly long process, filled with problems. At times, the site looked like a complete mess which was viewable to anyone who visited the site. Instead of doing all of the changes locally, I decided to make live edits, something I discourage anyone from doing if you want to keep traffic flowing to your site. I’m still messing around with a few different design elements but for the most part, the redesign is finished.

Let me know what you think!